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November, 2016

Written by: BTFC Admin
#Last night's match at AFC Hornchurch was postponed around an hour before kick off due to a frozen pitch at Bridge Avenue. The team bus was only a couple of miles from the ground but the match referee fel...
Word count: 112
Written by: BTFC Admin
#Bury Town's trip to Ware on Tuesday 10th January has been moved from this date to Saturday 14th January, due to both clubs having a free weekend date. The kick off will be 3:00pm at Wodson Park. In other...
Word count: 153
Written by: BTFC Admin
Yet another disappointing home defeat last Wednesday was followed by a welcome victory at Ram Meadow on Saturday. Wednesday`s game was preceded by a fire in the kitchen area of the new club house. The f...
Word count: 614
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